new home       



Belsy-Lou is called Lilli and lives in Bindlach. 

Zeno and Zero  are called Maxi and Max and lives in Langendorf. 


Xantos and Xenita lives in Bremen .


Wyla is in Dörlingen at home.

 Wookie is drawn to Bagaluga`s Enzia (Mietzie) to Bremen

Wilson enriches the Cattery Venezia`s.
Vincenz becomes Vinny called and lives in Hamburg. Quintus is now called Quinni and lives in Worpswede.

Vanilla and Valencia are called Rosi and Elli and live in Fallersleben .

Santo lives in Lüneburg. Vivaldi is called Simba and lives by Fenja and Sheela in Berlin.


Rania and Ontario lives in Neubrandenburg.



Tammy and Tanita  are called Luna and Saphira and lives in Elmshorn. 

Quarta  is  in  Tirol at home.  Umberto now called Carino and lives in Hamburg.

Quaterback now called Wölfy  and makes Stuhr uncertain.

Quo Vadis lives now in Göttingen and is caled Nino. 

Visconti is drawn to Quintino, they live together  in Berne



Jenna is now called Bonny and lives in Berlin.


Kenya lives with Gustav in Austria.


Pedro und Paris makes Weyhe uncertain.


Nemo and Nero called 

 Rocky and Charly, 

they lived in Bremen.


Kenzo and Olympia lives

now in Kaltenkirchen.


Louis is made himselfe cosy in Stralsund.  Jean lives still in Itzehoe. 

Elisa is in Cuxhaven at home.