Cat wisdoms

Cats were to disprove the dogma are all things created, put into the world, to serve people around which.

Paul Gray


"Does not give another animal any sound reason for a cat to obey even if it stands on two legs."
Sarah Thompson



Cats are mysterious. More than we catch sight proceeds in them.
Sir Walter Scott



It is really excellent that there are cats in all variants. One finds her suitable for every facilities, every type of the personality and the mood.
But one of the freest souls of the world lives under the fur unchanged.
Eric Gurney



For blind souls are similar to cats. For cat enthusiasts every cat from the beginning is absolutely unique.
de Vries



Who can say there if I play with my cat, for whose amusement who serves ????
de Montaigne



One has scolded a cat and one then looks at it, one is seized by the ugly suspicion so, it perhaps could have understood every single word. At all events it opens a face !! as if it had noted everything down exactly -- to come back to it
Charlotte Gray



Cats turn with looks
I see its eye stars shining and sparkling if my cat looks at me.
What moves me and below test puts has something. Who knows them loves them and respects them.
Anais Haupt



Why can cats cure sore souls?
Very simple: You have no prejudices, are not subject to any ideal of beauty.
It is unimportant for you whether we are dressed prettily or ugly leanly or fatly according to the latest trend or 2
nd hand.
You do not measure us against professional successes, do not know any
IQ differences poorly or richly -- identically! We are enough for you just the same what we are like.
They have the advantage of it over every man.
Source: unknown, a calendar sheet of March 2000



"One can last, but the cat, this one holds on for people because she thinks that her people are quite useful domestic animals unite dog."



"Cats are rather delicate nature and can get various complaints but I have never heard that one would have suffered from sleeplessness."
Joseph W. Krutch



"Cats achieve effortlessly what denies us people remains: going by the life without making noise."



"The cat is the only four-legged animal, has made this believe to man, he must get it, however, needs to do nothing for this."
Kurt Tucholsky



"If one would cross people with cats, this would improve the people but reduce the cats."
Mark Twain



"This one is ready to spoil his cat, does not never get the reward the it somebody is ready for the one who spoils it to give."
Compton MacKenzie



"Seems to want, my atmosphere lifts as it also may have had sunk deeply, if I meet a cat by chance and see how it sets the paws, the shrill, rigid, mysterious look at me, directionally, if I hear the soft plaintive cry, they in a profound conversation make fun which of me."
Ricarda Huch



"The communication possibilities of man are really, anyway what he says is most hollowly and wrongly. The language of the animals is restricted but is important anduseful what they express with that."
Leonardo da Vinci



"If you have a problem, your cat asks around advice.
If your cat does not know any answer, it is not a problem either."



The house is happy with at least a cat.

Italian proverb



I love cats,

and because I enjoy my home

in the course of the time and she

becoming the visible soul.

Jean Cateau



"The smallest Cat is a masterpiece."

Leonardo daVinci



Who torments cats is without a soul

it misses a good spirit and God.

Likes still so distinguishedly he look?

one should never trust him.




The most considerate and most attentive shareholders are these cats one can want.

Pablo Picasso



Instead of chasing the cat away, put the plate away.

Japanese proverb



They pensively take the noble keeping

the great Sphinxe,

Keeping the extended

solitudes more deeply rest into

and fall asleep


in an endless dream.

Charles Beaudelaire



But the cat is a whole spirit, whole demon, whole alertness and joke.

Theodor Lessing



Mystery of innumerable faces,

volcanic fires,

cools distance and yields for hill incomprehensibility...

Cats are aroused from a prize desert sand.

Sybille Seidel



Who does not like cats does not get a beautiful woman.

Chinese proverb


If the cat also catches the mice for itself, then the sir believes this anyway he has a devoted little animal in it.

Armenian proverb



Comes cat embellishes and nestles you quietly

Your claw keep itself to to my heart,

I dreaming want to sink in your eye,

I merged agate the metal into this.

Charles Beaudelaire



With its tail the cat makes a boa to itself,

express moods, if question mark puts.

He is her elegant punch-line, her witty joke.

Without tail she seems to have lost the head.

Jean Louis Hue



The sir commands his farm hand, the farm hand of his cat and the cat their sir!

Dutch proverb


I have two nature who scratches at home, roses and cats

Two royal nature who flatters and caresses, cats and roses.



A cat is technically an animal, she otherwise is divine.

Robert Lynd



The cats regard no-one as eloquent,

this one cannot miaow.

Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach



They would be silent if the cats could speak.

Porter Nan



Who into the water carries the cat?

this one carries his luck out of the house

'Chinese proverb



Bed cracks a dog to you on it because it likes to be in your proximity.

A cat only does this because it loves your bed.



God gave the bear strength and the lion courage,

the cat beauty and the fox the cunning.

He has forgotten merely me.



Man thinks which as long as man thinks animals do not feel, must feel the animals.



Only the cat knows ...

like one food gets without working ....

like one protection gets without being taken prisoner ....

like one love gets without being hurt ....