Must actually so expensively for RACECATS be?
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 This question may arise many cat enthusiasts who decide on the purchase of a Racecats. One inspires racing sec feeding exposition by the visit or by an item in a cat periodical the desire arises at many to have one of these beautiful animals also. The small ads diligently are rolled in the animal market or in common cat periodicals or it is made an enquiry about with an association directly after young animals.
This one can fast spread annoyance and disappointment in view of, it seems so, horrendous price idea of the cultivators. And some will wonder so why it shall put many hundred euros down for a so-called enthusiast animal where it really wants neither to cultivate nor make out and the family tree will get dusty in the rest at long last. One is some fast that probably have to cultivator be tremendously avaricious and a golden nose earn itself at her young animals. There but fortunately still are numerous "cultivators" who take their animals to low prices under people. The animals also have a family tree cultivator, only half as many like the cats of one, however, often cost for our association attached.

What does tell behind such sensational price differences??
A keeping and rearing of animals suitable for types have their price. You must therefore assume at cheap offers that give-away prices are only possible because parents animals like pups pay them expensively with their physical and emotional health, in principle.
These pitiful animals often are "products" from mass cultivations which only aim at multiplication and sale. The nut animals will die exploited shamelessly, weakened to them and emaciatedly by a too early and far too frequent covering, at the mating of the parents animals health, quality and character do not receive attention and of a medical basic support of the animals you cannot go out. It would come too expensively. To offside the pups are often handed in far too early (before the 13th life week), the nut animal can be covered just again so about that. A layman can that young animals which are shown and pulled up under such circumstances are usually ill and weak imagine.
This the first weeks with his new owner survive, often horrendous veterinarian costs which by far exceed the amount have which a cultivator of our association for one of his young animals would demanded come toward it if little boy. Under circumstances such animals are never getting completely well, is not what only expensively but a lot of sorrow also means for the single one.
All cultivators who belong to 1. DEKZV registered association are subject to our cultivation guidelines which are aligned with the protection of animals law narrowly. You regulate just the minimum age for the first coverage of the nut animal and the frequency of the authorized coverages, like the medical supply (vaccinations, worming treatments) and the earliest possible passing age of the young animals. Through this optimal conditions healthy and emotionally stable animals result from are ensured.
At the latest in this job should be clear for everyone that handling animals suitably for types and responsibly has its price. If one of our cultivators requires some one hundred euros for its young animal now, then it has covered the costs often only pressedly for this amount which it has had to find for the small kitten till now: About the medical care of nut animal and little boys begun an optimal basic support ensures the one by the deck tomcat charges up to the superior food. In front of which a still so responsible cultivator is not also made immune illnesses not counted. A business can therefore be hardly made with the sale of the animals!
If young animals are offered at conspicuously reasonable prices, then it is to assume that this is only possible by their physical and spiritual needs being disregarded roughly

Who cheaply produces only, can sell also cheap?
The animals primarily pay the price! But also the new owners escape in the rarest cases at a reasonable price. The ones who do only not profit by the sale but have made space also for new goods contentedly result out of the business, are unscrupulous profiteers the only ones