Cultivate power richly ???

Cat breeding and prices (statements from " cats extra " 6/2000 of Heinz Stösser)

There still are people who are of the view that a golden nose earn itself cultivator with the sale of their cat children.

Everybody who properly cultivates and everybody who deals with the cultivation topic more nearly whitely is this hobby as expensive. Actually we shun cultivators us to talk definitely about numbers because us our sold young animals pulled up lovingly as well as cultivation cats and eunuchs not after a cost use invoice according to the motto: "This one brings about profit, causes this one loss and has to be removed!"include. It comes added to that that friends who for example spend their time on the gulf or tennis court would declare us shifted completely.

Often, cat buyers who must pay for a Racecat approx. 600 euros project this amount onto an average throw size of four young animals fast and think as a down payment on the new car and similar on the savings book the cultivator would have approx. 2,400 euros for the next vacation now. Concepts are extremely flexible and relative as "costly" and "expensive", and himself it is perhaps once on the time to talk about numbers concrete even if the cat sale is not a business it is every respectable cultivator about this in the clear one that it does not do any trade with con-living beings like cats.

Dagmar Thies puts in her adviser "cultivate Racecat"
the question also "has" money earned with cats for itself?
and think quite correctly: "A grave mistake".
It has to be understood that a cultivator has a sufficiently large surplus which is suitable to contribute to the cost of living of its own left after the sale of his young blood of the cat at a price which is reasonable and thought as a life insurance for the young cats at the same time below money earn. However, this invoice does not work out even. With a financial profit cat breeding can on animal protection -- legal never realize way.

As an argument against the usual purchase price mentioned above cultivators hear again and again, too, that this domestic cat holders offer their kittens merely for 50 to 150 euros and their costs would be muted with that must be at Racecats just the same, finally would have the same needs all young cats.

Every domestic cat owner should of course do the same effort as a responsible cultivator. The question only arises whether he really does this and whether he knows what he has to do.

A responsible cultivator finally learns the visit from expositions, genetics seminars etc. in the conversation with like-minded by corresponding literature over years again and again in which he does not have to pay apprenticeship premium seldom now and then.

In addition, the initial costs which arise at the purchase of a Racecat are discontinued automatically for the domestic cat friend who would like to have once a throw of young cats in his home.

Start costs

At first he must become a member of an organization and have a cage entry carried out. On an average the organization contribution amounts to approx. 50 euros; approx. 45 euros the cage entry and approx. 15 euros costs the enrolment fee, altogether approx. 110 euros. Once, we start out from a normal number to be bought from Racecat which should be fit for the cultivation.

So the average purchase price seems more or less high for a good Racecat in the amount of 600 to 800 euros depending on a personal adjusting.

Numerous telephone calls, exposition and cultivator visits, are necessary to get the cat or the tomcat which one wants. Since a cultivator should refrain if possible to buy a cat for himself only after the reputation of photos and family trees, he also must examine once the cultivation place, the cat keeping, parents and young animals at least ahead of the schedulrd collection time.

The living environment must look different for the continuous rearing of young cats and the keeping of a deck tomcat of one's own which cohabit with the same number of cats as this of cat friends like the cultivator but premises need no special.

It goes without saying that, only, cat children prosper well when you grow up there where their man also lives. In the most favorable case this means that they can move freely as well as everywhere in the house and are not raised self-containedly. Everybody knows how the living spaces, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, are charged to curtains etc. very much through this this one be only a small cat own calls. Anual renovation as well as the more frequent one of high-quality furniture are mandatory, if the breeder attaches importance to a respectable at home that approximately that of a cat owner that not breed to equal is.  Scratching trees must regularly as well be replaced by strong use by new.

From the young animal up to the cultivation cat

We have everything so now together, have after and after females and unite tomcats bought and the house cultivation fit arrangedly. On our account emptiness yawning presumably rules and we look forward to the first throw. So this does not work, however. Until a young animal turns into a good cultivation cat, it lasts for its time.

At first you become expositions for the check of the cultivation suitability and just with a cat vaccinated correspondingly, are queried by the judges homologously to notice which lacks must carry out. Vaccinations against cat epidemic and cat cold must you make thoughts on it to yourself, your four-legged friends really need which protection given by vaccination over this one for all cats obligatory. According to the organizations as well as veterinarian offices merely aforementioned vaccinations and this one are obligation against rabies.

The fast want cheap offers of "mess cultivators" and dealers into daily papers, these, to make money which lives make difficult, the respectable cultivators strengthened by the ignorance of numerous interested parties. Hardly a cultivator sells and he is so known and successful, today one or more young animals per advertisement certainly generally, too. In addition, these are not his efforts to push his optimal cat children raised, stamped on man lovingly, the only good ones, into the hands.
He endeavours, the buyers check for heart and kidneys what much time requires besides the rearing.

A cultivator if possible should not let himself in for the behavior regarding the purchase price. Cats finally are around con-living beings and not flea market goods. How the purchase price gets together and, that as respectable cultivators we no golden earn nose, one can explain his to callers nevertheless us. Many a buyer is moved to the look so and kept by a mess cultivator over the table to be dragged.

Often, which subsequent costs, fears and worries has not mostly consciously to them on cat friends who have purchased a Racecat cheaply, come at "increase". Do not be afraid of it for callers, the mine, as a proper cultivator: "There is a display there, however, these are much cheaper there. Why are hers so expensive, then?" clearing up correspondingly. Numerous conversations frequently proceed tiringly in this way of course and are not always crowned with the success to change the opinion of the different one as desired.

However, is at long last worth conversations about the cost intensity of our hobby, too, but to allow contribution to the protection of animals, particularly also then if arrange a house or also older Racecat the cultivator maintains a good wire to the protection of animals federation and so quite at the same time regarding this with young animal seekers who cannot afford a Racecat definitely?

At long last, slippery sales methods and the misery connected with that of little Ra which are pulled up badly and disturbed only can be prepared by corresponding clearing up an end in the long run.

Cultivator with the sale of cat children lies that the heretical belief still insists partly in the population at the fortunately small quantity of slippery cultivators (who do not cultivate everyone only outside the organizations) not least that come in these trusting cat friends on the glue himself, earn nose golden one.

On the way these get a young animal, to cat friend buy, therefore should clarify himself that only the well thought-out purchase with intellect and reason as well as excluding sympathy misunderstood protect them from being missing purchases.
The bereaveds and also the really respectable cultivators who upsetly throw the towel for lack of real recognition of their love for the cat and their intensive endeavors for the cultivation improvement sometime are always the poor cats, these not socialized correspondingly and ill to the animal home pushed away at long last or must be made sleepy. Perhaps we should and do not shun so much in front of this at all, about concrete numbers to speak and arrange prospective customers by entertaining stories and anecdotes particularly as a lot of heart blood is in a good cultivation.

And you think we do not need to apologize that we do not hand in our babies cat to "an apple and an egg". The purchase price guarantees at least a well considered purchase decision of the interested party up to a certain measure.